Modern Apprenticeships

Experiential Play have been working with Skills Development Scotland to successfully deliver Modern Apprenticeships in Childcare for anyone aged 16-19.

The right support can make all the difference when it comes to learning new skills. It’s the reason why Skills Development Scotland offers you the chance to gain invaluable industry recognised accreditations – through Modern Apprenticeship training.

Your employer and Skills Development Scotland will meet the cost of Modern Apprenticeships employee training, so there’s no cost to you to learn new skills.

The only investment you need make is in terms of time – and the effort that you put in will bring enormous rewards, in the form of improved self-confidence, competence, efficiency and motivation.

What does a Modern Apprenticeship involve?

Apprentices are supported with training that is appropriate for the level of the job although this isn’t the only focus of the training. A Modern Apprenticeship will also give you a range of ‘soft skills’ to draw upon, including sound communication, teamwork and problem solving skills, and improved numerical and IT skills -all of which are invaluable to any employer.

A Modern Apprenticeship can be completed within a time period that’s suitable to you and your employer, usually 15-18 months. In the Modern Apprenticeship Childcare Sector, apprentices work towards an SVQ Level 3 in Social Services (Children and Young People).

What makes us different?

MA’s will be expected to attend full day teaching sessions once a fortnight at our training centre in Glasgow.

We often offer a range of enriched, practical teaching workshops and seminars, free of charge to MA’s and their mentors, to enhance and develop further skills and knowledge.

Support sessions, in the nursery setting or in our training classroom, will be available on a regular basis.

We offer the highest standard of learning and teaching, to enable all MA’s to not just achieve their qualification but to aspire to be effective members of staff.

If you are interested in applying for a Modern Apprenticeship please contact us on 0141 557 3304.


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